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Have you ever wished real life was more like a musical? Would you like a new

innovative way to create buzz for your brand and traffic to your website?  Check out some of the things we can do for you.

Is your company looking for a creative idea for a guerrilla marketing campaign?  Want to surprise your guests during your corporate industrials, business meetings, award ceremonies, or even at your wedding, bar mitzvah, or retirement party?  We can also create events at any location like a grocery store, gas station, or even at a nail salon. We will provide a highly impactful musical theatre surprise experience out of nowhere to entertain or even educate your audience at the same time.  It will make you feel like you are in “Hairspray,” “West Side Story,” or your favorite musical.  We will have your guests talking about it for months, and the world passing it around online.

Using parodies of popular songs or original material created just for you, we will provide your company with a GREAT branding opportunity using a unique and top of the line music video and making it go VIRAL. Youtube is the hottest way to get your name in the public eye and we have the know-how to make your video get tons of hits! Our “Best Seder In The U.S.A.” video made it on the Today Show! Thats plus our “Shabbat” video had over 45,000 hits in one week! Also, our “Soul Bigger” video made it into the Huffington Post and also on the Today Show!  A music video also is an amazing and personal way to celebrate someone special or to commemorate an important occasion like a bar mitzvah, promotion, or retirement.

Brian is the former Co-Owner and Co-Creative Director of Unique New York Productions where he helped to create a very succesfull business befroe venturing out on his own.  He is a successful NYC based actor who is also skilled in writing, directing,  producing, musical arranging, and musical directing. As a performer

he has worked in feature film and commercials, Off-Broadway, national tours, in

the most highly acclaimed regional theatres across the country, and on Grammy-nominated recordings. Take our word for it...or check him out individually at www.briangolub.com.

Uncle Brian Productions specializes in creative video and film productions as well as live events for your business, personal, commercial, social, or marketing needs. We can handle all of your needs from start to finish from conceiving ideas, writing the script and hiring performers, to shooting and editing the production.  We do it all with the utmost professionalism, exceptionality, and fun while making it current and viral. Most importantly, we keep your goal and mission at the helm of all we do.




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We can handle all of your needs from start to finish for film, commercial, and webisodes. On the creative side we can conceive the ideas, write the script, hire the performers, and direct.  On the technical side we can shoot, light, and edit your production.